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8403 18th Ave
Brooklyn NY 11214
Tel: 718-259-4468

Maggio Music will be Closed on Sundays
during the month of August

Maggio Music offers lessons for Piano, Guitar, Bass, Ukelele, Violin, Viola, Cello, Drums, Trumpet, Flute and Clarinet.

All Lessons are $25 per 1/2 hour
Private one on one lessons, usually once a week.
Lessons must be paid 4 lessons in advance.
A Registration fee of $25 is due along with the first payment for a total signup of $125.
$100 per four lessons thereafter.

The store requires at least 4 hour advance notice of absence.
If not notified in advance, the student will be charged for the lesson.
8403 18th Ave
Brooklyn NY 11214
Tel: 718-259-4468

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Maggio Music School
8403 18th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11214 US
Phone: 718-259-4468 Website:
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